Recruiting & Training Services

Finding employees is hard, especially ones with the right skills, experience, location and desired salary. In the last 10 years, a lot of qualified science minded professionals went to other industries, thus leaving the engineering, manufacturing and innovation space, thirsty for talent.

Studies have shown that in 2013, the average cost of employee turnover in America is 20%, average cost of internal recruitment is 10% and training 2.7% and hiring via external recruiter is 25%-35%. These statistics are even higher for the green energy / mechanical engineering space as the skills are quite niche and specialized and the talent pool is quite low.

For engineering, the cost of turnover and training can sometimes become 30-35% and 6.2-8% respectively, due to the time/cost of senior employees, and lost productivity when / if an employee leaves.

The team behind Green Energy Technology Labs understands these difficulties, as well as the budgetary and other concerns that companies have to go through to making hiring and training decisions.

With over 15 years experience in training and recruiting internal employees, as well as 11 years experience in training external employees in Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Aerospace, Automotive, Government and Defense sectors we know what it takes to find, retain, motivate and train the best people.

We take a very different approach than any other recruitment or training firm, by eliminating the typical external recruiter fees, and instead working with our clients to determine a long term recruiting and employee development plans, as well as slashing the employee turnover, acquisition and training costs by over 30%.

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