Engineering Services

GETL aims to streamline the development of new technologies for our clients. Working in the industry for over 15 years on the commercial software and design of new rotating machinery side, we found that our clients sometimes want more.

Company are not only looking for the best in class commercial simulation, optimization and manufacturing tools, but also need support to optimize, modernize their in-house software systems, and Technology Transfer support in developing their new IP. Thus, our consulting services fall into two main categories: Software Services and Hardware Services.

Software Engineering Services: As our parent company has developed the leading commercial software for design, analysis and optimization of Turbomachinery, we aim to support clients who want to customize AxSTREAM and other commercial tools for their applications, as well as modernize existing, in house codes, and develop new custom tools to further improve their design, manufacturing and other operating procedures. Would you like to find out how much time and money you can save by optimizing your software process? Contact us today and let’s take a look!

Product Development Services: We LOVE creating new technologies, and supporting our clients in doing so. Having extensive contacts and experience in the industry and attending virtually every trade show in Turbomachinery, Power Generation, Geothermal Energy, Robotics, Manufacturing Technology, Automotive Industry, etc, we have a pretty good idea where the industry is going.

Research and Development: GETL has been focused on developing new technologies for a cleaner, smarter future. Our most recent research focuses on clean and sustainable manufacturing using novel technologies.

Because, we like to design and create new, break through, green technologies and only engage in challenging projects, our services start from helping our clients identify and solidify their concept, to doing the full design of their new technology, managing testing, and sourcing production.

Do you have a new concept for micro gas turbine, ultra portable waste heat recovery system or a turbocharger?

Contact us today and let’s make it happen together!